Learn More About Inground Pools

Desmond Pools and Spas has a wide range of Inground Pools Kits that prospective pool owners can choose from to best suit their personal style and taste. Interested customers should contact Desmond Pools and Spas in order to set up an at-home consultation where we can take the time to discuss the most practical and desirable pool service package for your backyard, and offer suggestions and expertise in the area.

Types of Inground Pools Offered and What is Right for your Needs and Budget

Type 1: Vinyl liner

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Dependable, long lasting, most affordable, a lot of options.

Salt water no good for steel wall vinyl, ground water or clay soils no good, panels do corrode and rust, liner needs replacement overtime, fiberglass or plastic steps get weak or breakdown overtime.

Type 2: Fiberglass

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Lowest cost of ownership, installed in one day, complete project in a few days, chemical resistant surfaces, mid price point, no liners or resurfacing costs during ownership

Limited number of sizes and shapes, unable to change sizes and shapes, higher price point then vinyl but lower than concrete, a lot of landscapers and handymen installing to make money not pool professionals.

Type 3: Concrete

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Unlimited possible sizes and shapes.

Long installation time frame, high building cost,long term owner costs with retile and replaster.

Steps for Choosing the Right Pool Type for your Family

Figure out shape, size interested in but have a budget in place as this will help with the rest of the steps.
Type of pool you will choose vinyl liner, fiberglass or concrete.

Choose the shape

Choose options or add ons you may want, ie: slides, diving boards, waterfalls, salt etc.
Collect all pricing, research products and company and make sure your getting apples to apples pricing, products and service.
Collect all info from 1-5 together and narrow down what is important and most importantly will keep you within budget.
Land your backyard oasis with pool company of choice.
Book your project asap to ensure town permitting and project is moving forward with no delay.
Now relax and allow Desmond Pools and Spas to build your oasis!

Salt Sanitation vs. Chlorinated Pool

Pros of Salt: Easy to maintain, less chemicals used, soft on skin and hair
Cons: Highly corrosive, computer and cell that needs to be changed overtime few hundred dollars each, expensive up front cost when buying pool.
Do your research!

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