You don’t need to travel far for a vacation, enjoy your home and locale. Start your staycation off right with a little rest and relaxation with great family fun


Planning a Staycation: Home Town Vacation Ideas 1


  • Plant a vegetable or herbal garden. Enlist the family to help out.
  • Enjoy a good book audio or hard copy. Read or reread one of the great classics, mystery, fiction, non-fiction or fantasy.
  • Act like a tourist in your own city or surrounding area, visit local museums, zoo, theme park, etc.
  • Support your local theater company or symphony, attend a show or concert at nearby college or theater group.
  • Host a BBQ and pool party. Have a cook-off contest. 
  • Set up outdoor speakers for great sounds and listening pleasure.
  • Put up a volleyball or water polo net.
  • Hold a movie night and experiment with flavored popcorn or homemade cookies and snacks.
  • Plan a game night, play charades, monopoly, risk, poker or other favorite.
  • Take up a DIY project; check out Pinterest or home improvement site for ideas.
  • Check out local hiking and biking trails; pack a picnic and experience the great outdoors.
  • Start a new hobby such as painting, jewelry making, knitting, crocheting, or woodworking. Check out local adult education classes, craft or hobby shop for ideas and lessons.


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