If you notice a yellow layer on the pool surface, the question is whether it is yellow (mustard) algae or pollen. Pollen sticks to the waterline, the tile around the pool, and the skimmer. Pollen on the pool’s surface is easily windblown, gathering into a corner of the pool. Although the pollen will eventually dissolve and sink to the floor of the pool it often discolors the pool water, thus making look like yellow algae.

Algae, on the other hand, usually does not float or stick to the tile; instead it typically sticks to underwater surfaces, and often on the shady side of the pool. Algae on the pool floor will not dust-up when you hit it with a brush, as pollen does.

Pollen vs Algae: Tips for Removing Pollen from Your Pool 1

To remove and speed up the process of filtering out the pollen from your pool:

  • Run the pool pump a little longer during pollen season
  • Keep your pool filter clean
  • Add pool shock
  • Use special bags that attach to the pool wall return, skimmer and pump baskets

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