Why You Should Teach Your Child to Swim 2

Swimming is tons of fun, but it is also such an important activity to share with your children.

  • It’s literally one of the most important life-saving skills to possess.
  • Children will learn the valuable “lesson practice makes perfect”!
  • Learning to swim provides the child with a sense of achievement and leads to success!
  • Like riding a bike, you never forget how to do it!
  • Great exercise and workout for the entire body.
  • You can enjoy yourself in a solo activity (that does not include electronic equipment), as well as with others.
  • Swimming is soothing, therapeutic and meditative. It has a calming effect and helps you to sleep better at night.
  • Change things up; it’s fun once they learn the crawl (freestyle stroke), there are many styles of swimming strokes, they can learn such as: the butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke, elementary backstroke, sidestroke, etc.

Why learn other strokes

  • You use more muscles and your body gets a better workout.
  • The risk of strain and injury is decreased because you don’t put stress on the body with the same repetitive movements.
  • If one is suffering from an injury you can choose the appropriate stroke that doesn’t aggravate that body part/muscle group.
  • Keeps things interesting and challenging! When swimming laps, alternate the different strokes.


When it comes time for your child to learn, you can look into lessons from the local YMCA, fitness center, hire a private coach, or teach him/her yourself. If you’re not sure, whether to teach your child yourself, or hire someone else; you can begin to do it yourself and see how that goes. There are many youtube videos out there for teaching your child to swim. Consider the following: Does the child try to emulate everything you do? How much patience do you have? What is your skill level, are you a savvy swimmer? It’s a great bonding experience.

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