• Sharkvac Series
  • Tigershark Series
  • Aquavac 6 Series

Sharkvac Series

  1. SharkVAC XL – Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Caddy Cart (Hayward Warranty 2 years)
    • Pool Size up to 20’x40’ / Cleaning Cycle 3 hours / Manual Start
    • Price $1,305 (part no. RC9742WCCUBY)
  2. SharkVAC XL – Foam Roller – (Tile may require foam roller option.)
    • Price $63 (part no. RCX26011)
  3. SharkVAC XL – Replacement Filters (set of 2)
    • Price $57 (part no. RCX70101PAK2 / SCP)
  4. SharkVAC XL – Spring Clean-up Filters (set of 2)
    • Price $20 (part no. RCX70103PAK2 / SCP)

Additional Information

Please Note: All Products purchased through Desmond Pools and Spas during a New Pool Installation will get the hourly labor rate waived. Installation of all products supplied and purchased from Desmond Pools and Spas after installing a New Pool or service replacement parts will be charged product price plus $60 per hour labor rate. Installation of all products Not supplied by Desmond Pools and Spas is charged $120 per hour labor rate.

Pool Electrical

Desmond Pools and Spas does not do or sub-contract the Electrical. Electrical is priced and paid directly to the Electrical Contractor (Demond Pools and Spas Suggested Contractor: Michael Devers Electrical Service: Office – 610-509-0875 / Address – 2006 Renwick Street, Bethlehem, PA 18017)

Standard Electrical without any obstacles:
1st 50 feet is $2,500.00
Every 25’ foot after is $250.00

** All prices listed are an estimate not exact price!
*** Warranty – All Electrical work is Guaranteed for 1 Year from install. All parts and products the Electrical Contractor use are covered by the manufactures warrant

Pool Engineer

In many cases, only a licensed/registered engineer has the authority to take legal responsibility for engineering work or projects. Regulations may require that only a licensed or registered engineer can sign, seal, or stamp technical documentation such as reports, plans, engineering drawings, and calculations for study estimate or valuation, or carry out design, analysis, repair, servicing, maintenance, or supervision of engineering work, process or project. The Engineering is priced and paid directly to the Engineer. / Demond Pools and Spas Suggested Contractor: Northampton/Lehigh County (Bethlehem): Keystone Consulting Engineers, Inc. Office – 610-865-4555 / Address – 2870 Emrick Boulevard, Bethlehem, PA, 18020

Pool Permits & Inspections

(All permits submitted by owner and inspections coordinator by Contractor)

Pool Plumbing

(Desmond Pools and Spas – 1 Year Warranty with Desmond Pools and Spas install)

Pool Landscaping

Standard Landscaping: Priced per area
Rake and Seeding: $1,500
Retaining Walls: Cost based on height and length of wall and material, estimate 30 ft. wall 2 ft. high $4,000
Top soil, Rake and Seeding: $2,100
Top soil, Rake and Laying Sod: Priced per area