A Spa can help promote better sleep; relieve muscle tension, aches, and pains; and it’s a fantastic way to de-stress. Plus, it’s a perfect finish to a day soaking up the sun and fun in your swimming pool.

Spa Square 9×9

(Non-Diving Pool) – Size (9’ Width x 9’ Length) / Depth (3’2” Shallow End to 3’2” Deep End) / Perimeter (31.6 Lineal Ft.) / 450 Est. Gallons / Est. Shell Weight (450 lbs)
Thursday Features Include: 7 Colors to choose from, New features like Grace Beach Entry and Sandal Beach Entry.

Titus is playful and ready for anything. If you’re after a little exercise or just a refreshing dip with an equally refreshing sip, Titus is your guy. The non-skid surface means Titus is safe for everyone to enjoy, and Titus is ready to create a diversion from the everyday blues, every day of the week.

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The Grand Spa – De-Stress And Improve Your Wellbeing

The Grand Spa is the perfect place to relax and ease those aches and pains. From soaking up the sun to chilling after exercise in your swimming pool, you’ll have just the right spot to release all that tension.

Fiberglass Base Package (Included In Price)

Fiberglass Pool Base Package Includes:

  • Fiberglass Shell Color Choice
  • Pool Excavation
  • Dirt Removal and Waste
  • Concrete Pad or Pavers for Pool Plumbing System
  • Hayward Filter – Sand (Hayward – 3 Year Warranty with Desmond Pools and Spa install)
  • Hayward Pump – Single Speed (Hayward – 3 Year Warranty with Desmond Pools and Spa install)
  • Hayward In-Line Chlorinator (Hayward – 3 Year Warranty with Desmond Pools and Spa install)
  • Hayward Light (Hayward – 3 Year Warranty with Desmond Pools and Spa install)
  • Returns 2 to 3 (Size dictates the number of returns)
  • Lucky 7 Skimmer 1
  • Dual drains for ease of Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Plumbing which includes Flexible Pipe (Desmond Pools and Spas – 1 Year Warranty with install)
  • Water to fill pool
  • Fiberglass Pool Geo-Anchoring Pool System
  • Completely Set and Backfilled with Stone for Stability and help with Proper Drainage
  • Grade and Rough Rake Yard when Complete
  • Safety Fencing During Construction
  • Maintenance Care package (Pole, hose, vacuum head, skimmer head, brush head, and water test strips)
  • Manufacturer’s Pool Warranty


Colors To Choose From

Let’s make choosing your liner an enjoyable experience! The color of your spa is determined by the liner you choose.