Thursday Pools has a variety of fiberglass pool designs to meet your needs.

  • Goliath
  • Monolith
  • Aspen
  • Grace Beach Entry
  • Lil Bob LX
  • Lil Bob
  • Cortona
  • Titus
  • Wellspring
  • Cathedral LX
  • Cathedral
  • Spirit
  • Sea Turtle
  • Sandal Beach Entry
  • Sun Day
  • Pearl
  • Wading

Goliath – A Pool For Your Growing Family

The Goliath fiberglass pool serves up plenty of extra space to match your family’s appetite for fun.

This pool’s clean, modern lines make it big on style, too.

Download the Goliath Brochure

Colors To Choose From

SwimUSA Fiberglass - Choose Color - California
SwimUSA Fiberglass - Choose Color - Caribbean Sparkle
Caribbean Sparkle
SwimUSA Fiberglass - Choose Color - Diamond
SwimUSA Fiberglass - Choose Color - Graphite
SwimUSA Fiberglass - Choose Color - Maya
SwimUSA Fiberglass - Choose Color - Sandstone
SwimUSA Fiberglass - Choose Color - White

Fiberglass Base Package (Included In Price)

Fiberglass Pool Base Package Includes:

  • Fiberglass Shell Color Choice
  • Pool Excavation
  • Dirt Removal and Waste
  • Concrete Pad or Pavers for Pool Plumbing System
  • Hayward Filter – Sand (Hayward – 3 Year Warranty with Desmond Pools and Spa install)
  • Hayward Pump – Single Speed (Hayward – 3 Year Warranty with Desmond Pools and Spa install)
  • Hayward In-Line Chlorinator (Hayward – 3 Year Warranty with Desmond Pools and Spa install)
  • Hayward Light (Hayward – 3 Year Warranty with Desmond Pools and Spa install)
  • Returns 2 to 3 (Size dictates the number of returns)
  • Lucky 7 Skimmer 1
  • Dual drains for ease of Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Plumbing which includes Flexible Pipe (Desmond Pools and Spas – 1 Year Warranty with install)
  • Water to fill pool
  • Fiberglass Pool Geo-Anchoring Pool System
  • Completely Set and Backfilled with Stone for Stability and help with Proper Drainage
  • Grade and Rough Rake Yard when Complete
  • Safety Fencing During Construction
  • Maintenance Care package (Pole, hose, vacuum head, skimmer head, brush head, and water test strips)
  • Manufacturer’s Pool Warranty

Thursday Pools Standard Features (Included In Price)

Thursday Pools LLC is excited to introduce the Lucky 7 Skimmer, a skimmer explicitly designed for fiberglass pools. Our new skimmer design is manufactured with an improved 7-degree angle and mounting plate. The features of the Lucky 7 Skimmer make the skimmer easier to install, improves skimming function, optimizes water level, and provides a more polished look to a fiberglass pool.

Thursday Pools developed the Fiberglass Pool Geo-Anchoring System to help secure your investment by providing extra strength to the fiberglass pool structures. Geo-Anchor Pool Wall (Patent No. US 9593455).